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5 Card Poker Probability/Statistics

Here is the probability of getting the various hands in poker from a 5 card hand. The following shows the probability of getting a particular hand and also the accumulative total of getting that hand or better.

Hand NameProbabilityAccumulative
Straight Flush0.0015%0.0015%
Four of a Kind0.024%0.255%
Full House0.1441%0.1696%
Three of a Kind2.1128%2.8715%
Two Pairs4.7539%7.6254%
Single Pair42.2569%49.8823%
High Card50.1177%100%
Total Possibilities2598960

As you can see from this table the probably of getting anything better than a pair with just 5 cards is small with the probability of getting a single pair or lower being 92.3746%.

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