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4 Coin Tosses Probability/Statistics - Unordered

The following is the probability associated with 1 unbiased coin being tossed four times in succesion or 4 unbiased coins being tossed at the same time and the result recorded. The order of the results are irrelevant. There are 2 outcomes per coin toss, heads or tails. Each coin toss does not affect the outcome of further tosses. There are a total of 5 possible results.

AimSuccessfulNot Successful
4 Heads6.25%93.75%
3 Heads and 1 Tail25%75%
2 Heads and 2 Tails37.5%62.5%
3 Tails and 1 Head25%75%
4 Tails6.25%93.75%
At least 1 Head93.75%6.25%
At least 1 Tail93.75%6.25%
At least 2 Head68.75%31.25%
At least 2 Tail68.75%31.25%
At least 3 Head31.25%68.75%
At least 3 Tail31.25%68.75%

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